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Pamela Hayes Classical Ballet Theatre is proud to present The Nutcracker Ballet. 


Thursday December 13th

- through -

Sunday December 16th


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The Nutcracker Story:

It’s Christmas Eve at the Silberhaus home. A majestic tree sparkles and the Silberhaus are hosting their annual Christmas party, welcoming the arrival of their guests. The children, Clara and Fritz, are dancing and playing as they welcome their friends too.   The parents give toys to all the children. Suddenly, a mysterious figure appears. It is Herr Drosselmeyer, inventor and toymaker. He entertains the guests with magical tricks and life -size dolls. Herr Drosselmeyer gives Clara the best gift of all - a wooden nutcracker. Fritz becomes jealous and as the evening grows late, the guests depart and the family retires for the evening grabs the nutcracker and it breaks. Clara is heartbroken, but Herr Drosselmeyer fixes it with a handkerchief. Clara, worried about  her beloved Nutcracker, sneaks back to the tree to check on him and falls aslep with him in her arms. 

As the clock strikes midnight, Clara wakes up to a frightening scene. The toys come to life as room fills with an army of mice led by the fierce Mouse King. Clara's Nutcracker valiantly leads his army of toy soldiers into battle against the mice. The Mouse King corners the Nutcracker in a one-on-one.  All seems lost until Clara distracts the Mouse King and Nutcracker is able to prevail. The mice run away, carrying off their leader's lifeless body. 

In the Kingdom of Sweets Clara and the Prince are greeted by the Sugar Plum Fairy. They tell her about the daring battle, and she is so impressed that she honors Clara with a lavish celebration. Dances are presented for Clara's enjoyment. As a finale, the Sugar Plum Fairy and her Cavalier perform a pas de deux.   When the celebration is over, Clara and her Prince arrive home. Clara's magical journey ends, leaving her  with enchanting memories. Was it all a dream?